September 27, 2011


s[toggle] (studio toggle) is a design co-operative established in 2011 by Hend Almatrouk and Gijo Paul George, both graduates of the Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna. The studio focus on logical design and problem solving techniques with specific emphasis in Architecture and Urban design.s[toggle] believes in employing scientific research and computational methods to tackle specific form finding and environmental challenges at the same time places equal importance in manual hand made sketches and models in developing and expressing the design.

Check out our website at studiotoggle

September 25, 2011


This fall, dip your feet in lava. Lavaliscious 1.0 from s[toggle] is first in the series of foot couture inspired by natural lava patterns in union with industrial metal

Suede in navy, fuchsia and byzantium

Heel 12cm